Crystals, Jewellery and Aromas for your Soul

Avalon by Nature is a generalist store for spiritual supplies available in person at a pop-up stall and here in my online store.  Products include Crystals from around the world, crystal Jewellery and a wide variety of Aromas for the Soul.

Avalon by Nature specialises in Australian products, such as independant and house published Tarot and Oracle cards and Music & Meditation discs. We also showcase Australian minerals and crystals.

I have a showroom at home in Gwandalan and I welcome your visit by appointment. Please contact to make a time.

Path-Finding Crystal Readings

I use crystals to tune into and understand your energy.  Together we use crystals to learn what your Soul wants you to know.  Each reading is unique to what is required at the time.  See the Readings with Jo page for more information.


Aura Readings

Have you ever wondered what your Aura looks like?   With an Aura imaging camera, I can take your photo and explain what the colours are showing you.  See the Aura Photos page for details and the Contact Page to book your photo, organise an Aura photo party in your home or to find out where I am exhibiting next.

Avalon Tie Dye

And again, on the subject of colours! When was the last time you indulged in some tie dyeing?  I offer individual tie dye classes in Gwandalan, parties for birthdays of all ages at your place and workshops in selected venues.   See the Tie Dye page for details and inspiration.

Minimum order of $15 to qualify for free postage. Dismiss