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Path-Finding Crystal Readings
Confidential ~ Colourful ~ Intuitive

My purpose is to tune into and look at the energy of a situation and how to shift that energy to help you move forward.

My aim is that, after talking with me, you have an understanding of where you are now and a clearer vision of where you want to be and how to take the first few steps to get there.

How long have I been reading for people?  I have been reading for people for over 5 years, using colour and energy of Crystals, Aura photos and Synchrodice (Astrological dice).

As an intuitive, I have been, for years, empathically tuning into people’s energy, listening, relating, and offering guidance.

I  also enjoy using tarot and oracle cards to shed light on a situation, using my intuition to interpret the cards.  For many years, I have loved the symbology of numbers, the stars and planets and everyday objects.  Dreams have fascinated me too and I roll that all together in my readings for you.

All my readings are confidential and I will not pass on your private information to others.

This is a summary of how my Crystal Readings work:

I create and hold a space that allows you to explore your questions.  I work alongside you to get in touch with and use your own soul  wisdom.

An open mind is the beginning point for your reading.  I start with a question…. ‘Why are you here today?’

Your first choice of the crystals helps me to tune into your energy – the crystals you choose reflect how you are feeling right now.

Together, using the crystals, we explore the energy of your concerns and how to shift that energy so you can move forward.

After talking with me, I want you to leave with three things:

~ A better understanding of where you are now,

~ A clearer vision of where you want to be, and

~ The first steps to take to get there.

It is awesome if we end up confirming your own intuitive decisions!

I look forward to meeting you.  Contact me here to book your reading or ring 0414 775 612.  Alternatively, you could order an email reading.

Minimum order of $15 to qualify for free postage. Dismiss