Aura photos show the colours of your energy field
Have you ever wondered what your aura looks like?

An Aura photo is a colourful snapshot of your energy field of thoughts and emotions. As your Aura is expressed in colours, a photo can tell you what is happening in your life, revealing your strengths and lessons.

An Aura photo is a great memento and regular photos can show your wisdom and experience gained over time.

With every photo, you will receive a detailed explanation of what it shows you.

Some sample photos and their explanations

Explanation Spiritually Balanced Aura Explanation Peaceful Aura Explanation Energetic Aura

How can I book an Aura photo?

At this time (Nov 2018), the film for the Progen system that I use has become so scarce that it is unaffordable.  Therefore, I will now only be offering Aura photos at the following events:  Psychic Fair in Muswellbrook (Dec 2), Aura Photo day in Cobar (Dec 7) and the Swansea Wellbeing & Psychic Fair (Jan 20-21).  See the calendar page for more details.

However, if you are looking for an intuitive energy reading with Jo, I am available to conduct Crystal and Tarot readings. Please contact me on 0414 775 612 to arrange or alternatively, book an email reading here.

I look forward to seeing what your colours say about you!

2016 Mar Jo at Ingleburn DSCN0572 Jo, Newcastle Show crop 2015 Aura Camera DSCN1030

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