This page is dedicated to showcasing wands created by Craig Pullman, Master Wand Craftsman.

I first met Craig in 2013 when he wandered into my shop at The Entrance and started looking at the crystals.  He casually told me that he made wands and showed me pictures of these amazing and beautiful wands.  The next time he visited The Entrance, he brought some of his creations in and our partnership was forged!   Avalon by Nature is proud to claim that we were the first to showcase Craig’s wands and I am excited to bring them back into the shop here at Boolaroo.

Each Wand is created from a naturally fallen piece of wood.  It is paired with crystals that enhance the energy of the timber and finely balanced to sit comfortably in your hand.

Craig writes about how he got started making wands:

“I would say I was a late starter when I made my first wand.  I was in my 40s and was getting into crystals.  I was drawn to naturally terminating crystals and crystal spheres for their shape.

Then I noticed the different energy that different crystals gave off and that shape also affected either concentrated beams from pointy terminators or even energy from crystal spheres and eggs etc.  The shapes, colours, energy flows all fascinated me and in all the different ways.  I read about the properties of many, many crystals and over time, crystals made more sense to me. 

My other great love is wood, and although I made the odd wooden staff, I never put crystals and wood together for a long time or even thought if it was possible to do so.

However, the thought grew, and as will all things, I just decided to have a try.  I bought a Dremel and some cutters and soon had made a couple of wands.  One end was a pointy crystal dremelled and inserted onto one end of the wood handle and at the other end was a rounded crystal or sphere.

I love the energy balance of pointed crystals at one end and rounded crystals at the other. 

I also looked at other materials for making wands and I use bones and antlers.  These have been great for wands but also great for athames and ritual daggers etc.  Nearly every meat meal that had a bone in it, eg shanks and ribs, etc, became my latest projects!

I make a lot of wands, athames, ritual daggers, stone blade knives, tall staffs, etc.  I love making these for a few reasons.  No two items will ever be the same and I love to see how they will turn out.  The other reason is the sense of accomplishment of making something and that there are fantastic people who feel enough about them to want to buy them.  That is a great honour for me so I am compelled to make things to the highest standard but also not too complicated, as I want people to see and love the wood, the bone, antler and the crystals that are used as they are what is on show and the most important part……and I can’t wait to keep making more."

Since writing this page, Craig has created his own Facebook group, which is perfect because he can really show off his creations there!!  This is the link to the Paleo-Planet Facebook group!

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