Want to book an Avalon by Nature Party?

So you’d like something different and would like to book an Avalon by Nature Party for your next social gathering or girls night in?
Wonderful, and thank you for thinking of us!

I can tailor my range of products based on what you’re interested in. When you make contact, let me know what you want from the following:

  • Incense and Incense accessories, including resin and herbal incense
  • Wax Melts and Candles and accessories, including oil burners
  • Essential oils and accessories, including oil burners, t-light candles
  • Perfumes – Spiritual Sky, Sacred Scent and Song of India
  • Jewellery – Macrame, and Crystal
  • Gift Items
  • Books and Tarot or Oracle Cards
  • Pagan items, e.g. brooms, handfasting ties, etc.

If you have been looking for a particular item, let me know and I can source it for you in time for your party (this will need a minimum of 4 weeks).

I can demonstrate the products, bring a tarot or psychic reader, or you might be interested in learning how to put together a set of ingredients for a ritual or a spell. It’s your party and I want to make it as interesting and fun for you as possible. This can all be discussed at the time of your booking.

To book a party, send me an email to admin at avalonbynature dot com dot au with your request and contact details.

See you soon!