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  • Bronze Pendants
    Bronze Pendants

    Bronze was first used about 5,000 years ago (hence the naming of Bronze Age!) in Egypt and Mesopotamia (the Middle East).  Traditionally a mix of copper and tin, modern Bronze is mixed with aluminium which improves its strength and gives it an elegant, antique gold look.

    As Bronze is malleable, detailed designs can be created and you can find beautiful, delicate designs.  There are many ethnic and traditional bronze jewellery designs from all over the world, including India, South America, Africa and the Middle East.   Many Victorian designs and Steampunk jewellery have also been created from bronze.  These are beautiful pieces with an attitude.

    Jewellery made from bronze is ultimately long lasting, hard wearing and excellent value.  With its warm, earthy undertones, bronze jewellery is safe to wear and gives an air of beautiful antiquity without the expensive price tag.

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