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  • Resin and Wood Incense
    Resin and Wood Incense

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    Since Time Immemorial, resins from local trees were found to have sacred properties that assisted healers and spiritual leaders to create sacred space, clear and protect energy.  Mixed with flowers, leaves, roots or stems, blends have been created and used for scent, wellbeing and healing. Over time, knowledge about the properties of resins and herbs was shared and improved to the understandings we have today.

    Frankincense and Myrrh are the most commonly known sacred resins, but as our knowledge expands, so does the range of sacred herbs and resins.  It is beneficial to be aware of Culture and how we use sacred tools from cultures other than our own. Where possible, I will put the origins of the resins to assist with this. 


    • These resins are sold for incense or spellwork.  They have not been packaged or intended to be used for any other purpose.
    • The descriptions provided include entertaining and historical use, not recommended use.
    • Always consult qualified practitioners in herbal medicine.
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  • Morning Star’s Incense
    Morning Star’s Incense

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    Morning Star is a Traditional Japanese style incense created in the 1960s in Japan.  The wonderful fragrances in this collection mixed with high-quality ingredients have made this incense a loved and trusted worldwide brand.  It’s a fragrance that creates a mood of tranquility and peace of mind.  

    Light a stick, blow out the flame and enjoy the scent wafting around your space.

    Packaging: Rectangle boxes 50 sticks per pack and a holder.

    A quality product handcrafted in Vietnam by Nippon Kodo Co Ltd.

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