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    R-Expo’s The Great Indian Incense pack

    R-Expo’s The Great Indian Incense Pack

    Blow the horn and begin your irresistible bumpy ride to India.  Brace yourself to be surprised and enchanted by the rich aroma, powerful flavours, and contradictory textures of this desi aromatic incense.

    The Great Indian Incense is prepared with pure sandalwood powder, aromatic roots, resins, herbs and natural essential oils.

    Light a stick, blow out the flame and enjoy the scent wafting around your space.

    Packaging: Hessian bag with 25g incense sticks and Incense holder

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  • Mothers India Fragrances Incense
    The Mothers India Fragrances Incense

    The Mother’s India Fragrances 

    Handrolled Incense, made according to the age-old masala method of creating a paste of all the ingredients together with our Floral Perfume Oils have been widely recognized as among the very finest quality fragrance product available anywhere.  Mother’s Incense is a light, clean burning incense that creates a minimum of smoke and slowly spreads a gentle aroma.

    Note October 2021 – We have put in an order for more fragrances and are advised that the next shipment is being released in mid-November.  This is due to delayed shipping and unloading at the docks.  In the meantime, why not check out our other incense on offer?  Thanks again for your interest, Jo Avalon 

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