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  • Tumbled Stones from Nundorite to Zebra Stone
    Tumbled Stones from Nundorite to Zebra Stone

    Avalon by Nature has a large group of crystals at various prices.  The list is below.  Crystals are grouped alphabetically, according to their crystal family. For example, Amethyst is found under Quartz.   If you cannot see your crystal in this list, remember to look at the other list Agate to Moonstone.  Happy hunting!!

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  • $8.00
    Crystal: Pyrite

    Here you will find our selection of Pyrite crystals and jewellery.

    • Pyrite is the Symbol of the Thinker
    • Enhances Brain functions
    • Increases resistance to stress
    • Energising, vitalising
    • Enhances personal will, optimism
    • Chakra – Solar Plexus
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