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  • Energy Cleansing Sticks
    Energy Cleansing Sticks

    Bundles of herbs tied with string and burnt as part of ritual cleansing and purifying is a process that has been used by people for thousands of years.  These herb bundles aid in dispelling negative thoughts, finding calm amongst chaos and opening the heart to gratitude, they are perfect for healers, practitioners and for personal smudging rituals, as they are smaller and ideal for individual session use. They are also a wonderful addition to smudging packs.

    To use:  holding the bundle over a saucer or bowl, light the tips so that smoke is generated.  Stand at the entrance of the space you wish to clear and move in a direction that is consistent throughout the whole area.  Using a feather or your hand, waft the smoke through and around the space, ‘collecting’ dense energy for removal.  Return to starting position and send the energy out of your space for Universal cleansing and transmutation.  Safely extinguish the herb bundle.

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