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    Vajra Sandalwood Rope Incense pack

    Vajra Sandalwood Rope Incense Pack includes:

    • 35 x Rope (Dhupaya) Incense (each one approx 8.5cm long)- burn time is approximately 30 mins per stick.
    • 1x Lokta Paper Booklet wrapped around the incense bundle.
    • 1x Incense Burner
    • Packaged in re-usable white organza bag

    Dhupaya incense is traditional to the indigenous people of the Newari Community in Nepal, who burn rope style incense daily during meditation practice and as offerings to the Gods, popular in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions.  It is made by turning many different aromatic herbs foraged from the Himalayas into finely powdered form and then wrapping them in very thin strips of Lokta paper (an ancient form of Nepalese artisan-made paper) and gently twisting it into what appears to be a rope-like incense.

    • The smoke that is created from the Vajra Sandalwood Incense is believed to attract the Gods and is burned during meditation practice to hold the mind on the object of its attention.
    • Light a stick from the thicker end to burn. They are best to be burned laying down in metal or stone bowls lined with sand, but the provided burner is suitable as long as the person burning remains present or places the burner on a larger fire-proof vessel.
    • Handmade in Nepal
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