Angel Tarot Cards – Radleigh Valentine

Angel Tarot Cards – Radleigh Valentine


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Author: Radleigh Valentine 
Artist:  Steve a Roberts
Description:  78 card deck and guidebook
ISBN:  978-1-4019-5596-0
Publisher:  Hay House, Dec 2019
Positive, Loving and Gentle

Tarot has long been revered for giving detailed and accurate forecasts.  This is the first deck of tarot cards created that is 100 percent gentle, safe, and trustworthy!  All of the words in this deck, as well as the illustrations by Steve A. Roberts, are positive and beautiful, while still retaining the magical effectiveness of traditional tarot.  The accompanying guidebook walks you through the steps of giving an accurate reading for yourself or others and explains the general meaning of each card.  Rich with symbolism and imagery—including angels, archangels, unicorns, fairies, and mermaids—the Angel Tarot Cards will provide you with inspiring guidance on your life journey!

Radleigh Valentine is an Angel Communicator and tarot master, his love affair with the magical symbolism of Tarot began 30 years ago when he discovered a natural affinity for the centuries-old system of divination—and the joy he experienced helping others find the guidance they were seeking and seeing the beauty in themselves and the world around them.  Recognizing the often-fearful responses to some of traditional Tarot’s stark or troubling imagery, he creates a kinder, gentler Tarot for the 21st Century, using imagery and wording that soothes rather than frightens and encourages rather than intimidates.

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