Angel Tarot – Travis McHenry


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Author:  Travis McHenry
Description:  72-card deck with a 112-page guidebook
ISBN:  978-1-9259-2420-6
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing, Apr 2020

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Revealing the true forms of ancient Angelic beings 

For the first time in history, the power of the Shem HaMephorash has been shared with all those interested in the mysteries of these heavenly creatures, secrets previously held in ancient magical grimoires and obscure religious texts.

By invoking these supreme angelic beings through their corresponding sigils you can discover their true power.  More than just prophetic and insight tools, when combined with the supplied summoning seals and pentacles, the nine choirs of the angelic hierarchy, and the original divine names you can invoke the true energies of these sacred beings into your life.

Perfect for those interested in going beyond the regular tarot, these cards will introduce you to divine beings who descend from the heavens bringing their love, healing energy, wisdom and wealth.
Find an intimate embrace in The Lovers with Archangel Haniel, move past challenges on The Chariot with Archangel Michael, discover treasures of The World with Damabiah or call upon divine justice from Caliel.

Through the Angel Tarot, occultist Travis McHenry reveals the true forms of ancient angelic beings and offers an incredible tool to summon their majesty for our aid and sacred divination.

Travis McHenry is widely known as being one of the foremost occultists of the modern era.  He has written books on the history of the tarot and a memoir about his 10-year research into paranormal phenomena.  A native of rural Pennsylvania, Travis grew up surrounded by the folklore of the Appalachian Mountains, which shaped his desire to uncover and share the historical truths hidden behind mythological stories.  Travis resides in Los Angeles, California.

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The Angel Tarot is nothing like a traditional deck of angel cards. The 72 angels of the Kabbalah (or Shem HaMephorash) are extremely powerful heavenly beings that provide assistance to mortals while also ruling over their hellish counterparts, the 72 demons of the Goetia.

When summoning an angel, their sigil (a kind of esoteric calling card) is supposed to be drawn on a piece of pure virgin parchment in red ink. To echo this color palette, the cards are made to look like fresh, pure parchment. The borders of each card are deep crimson, which creates a striking contrast.

The magical symbols are real.
The artwork is hauntingly divine.
These aren't your Aunt Doreen's angel cards . . .

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