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Animal Kin Oracle – Sarah Wilder


Author/Artist:  Sarah Wilder
Description:  65 cards and guidebook
ISBN: 978-1-4019-5095-8
Publisher:  Hay House Publishing, Oct 2018

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Tapping into the energies of different animals is a beautiful and gentle way for us to get back in tune with nature, and to reignite our compassion, curiosity and intuitive abilities.

The Animal Kin Oracle is a 65-card deck of unique watercolour animal portraits, where each animal is linked to an element (Earth, Fire, Water, Air or Spirit) with word or mantra association. The comprehensive guidebook enclosed provides further guidance on each animal’s special, visceral message.

This easy-to-use deck is both stunning to look at and insightful to work with.  Whether you choose a simple one-card draw, or a five-card elemental layout, as you work with The Animal Kin Oracle you will discover many ways animals can bring more purpose and magic to your life, help you re-connect with the earth and its animal kin, and deepen your own intuitive abilities.

With The Fifth Element Life (TFEL), Sarah Wilder incorporates her Intuitive and Zoomancy gifts with her passion for art, sacred geometry, rituals, symbolism and animism.  Each of the pieces she creates aims to unite us physically, mentally and energetically and to remind us we are never truly alone.  Sarah’s wish is for people to always choose meaning over mundane and to follow the magick in that meaning, always.

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