Australian Wildflower Reading Cards

Author:  Cheralyn Darcey
This card set is alive and the messages are clear, healing, joyful and honest.
ISBN: 978-1-925017-24-3
Publisher: Rockpool Publishing 2014
This popular deck is out of stock and currently being re-printed.


In every card, on every page, in every word, in every picture the Australian wildflowers will speak to you – soul to soul.  This card set is alive and the messages are clear, healing, joyful and honest.

The unique artwork of 44 cards is created by Cheralyn Darcey by linocut with the traditional gouache paints.  The guidebook features flower spreads for readings and a special card of the day instructions that will delight those who love beautiful oracle tools and traditional artwork.

Three cards from the deck
Three cards from the deck
Geraldton Wax - Assertiveness
Geraldton Wax – Assertiveness

You need to speak up, show up and do the work.  You must be independent in thought and action.  This will slip away from you nless you jump into action now. You have the internal strenth and the inner wisdom, so look within.

Lechenaultia - Success
Lechenaultia – Success

When this flame of success flower shows up it’s an affirmation; a yes to your question.  This is an indication that you are, in fact, on the right path. Progression is soon to be seen for your efforts.

Grey Spider Flower - Faith
Grey Spider Flower – Faith

Have trust.  When Grey Spider Flower appears it is asking you to be brave, to remember your faith and to trust that your efforts and intentions will bear positive results.  Keep going, be strong, do not be afraid, are all messages for you right now.

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