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Belonging to the Earth – Julie Brett


Author:  Julie Brett
Description:  104 page book 
ISBN:    978-1-7890-4969-5
Publisher:  Moon Books, Feb 2022

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Nature Spirituality in a Changing World

Belonging to the Earth is a collection of personal insights, stories of journeys and rituals, community events and conversations between activists, First Nations community leaders, and those practicing nature spirituality.  Each part of the book provides thoughtful and personal perspectives about connecting with the land, paying respect to ancestral traditions, Indigenous cultures and First Nations people, and finding ways to practice nature spirituality with integrity.  Each part of the journey of the book explores how we can all come together to work for a better future and develop a greater understanding of how we belong to the Earth.

Julie Brett is the founder of Druids Down Under, and a spokesperson for Australian Druidry.  She has been teaching and running public rituals based on exploring the Australian land through the traditions of Duidry since 2007.  She also presents the forest spirituality podcast and is the author of Australian Druidry.  She is passionate about reawakening the magic of the Australian landscape.  She is also passionate about Druidry and creating new forms of it that recognize the integral aspects of both ancestor-based tradition and nature-based tradition, bringing these together to create a form of Druidry that is truly Australian.

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