Crystal Goddesses 888 – Alana Fairchild


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Author:  Alana Fairchild
Description:  452-page book
ISBN: 978-1-9221-6125-3
Publisher:  Blue Angel Publishing, May 2015

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The divine feminine empowers sacred creativity within every human heart.

When you manifest from the depths of your awakening heart, you are not bending the world to your will, but co-creating with life itself – and all beings can gain spiritual benefit.  Bringing your visions to fulfillment is healing and transformative for you, our human collective, and our planet.  This book is your guide to manifesting, wildly and wisely, with compassion, surrender, and trust in divine love.

Reclaim your joy, honour your brilliant rebellious spirit, tap into your resourceful shadow self, and embrace your passions, to realise your divine destiny.  Alana presents wild and loving goddesses and the wisdom of crystals with real-life stories to vest you with alchemy in practical, surprising and beautiful ways.  Awaken your innate power to walk an authentic path and create your own expression of heaven on earth.

Whether you are new to this or have been on your conscious path for years, you’ll find a wealth of treasure here.  Be nurtured by Tara, know your self-worth with Lakshmi, work with the divine defiance of Ishtar, and embody the sensuality, sacred rage and freedom of Bastet, Sekhmet and Rhiannon.  Wise spiritual guides from the realms of crystals and goddesses are ready to help you manifest from strength, wholeness and limitless possibility. Are you ready?

Comprehensive and easy to reference with 18 full-colour crystal mandalas by soul artist Jane Marin.

Alana Fairchild is the well-respected Australian spiritual teacher and best-selling author inspiring a diverse and devoted following globally.  Her integrative multi-faith approach to spirituality is unconventional and freeing, appealing to a broad range of people seeking a meaningful inner path without the pressure to adopt or reject particular religious beliefs.  Described as a publishing phenomenon, Alana’s extensive and highly original body of work includes oracle decks, books, DVDs, and albums of guided meditations and sacred music that range from uplifting dance to meditative mantras. 

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ISBN-10: 192216125X
ISBN-13: 9781922161253
Goodreads: 33563406

Author(s): Publisher: Blue Angel Gallery
Published: 5/1/2015

You have wise spiritual guides from the mystical worlds of Crystals and Goddesses. They are ready to help you now. Manifesting from your soul feels good. It isn't about forcing the world to bend to your will, it is about co- creating with the power of life itself. When you manifest from your soul, you not only bring your visions to life, but you become more alive too. You are healing yourself through the process of creation whilst your world transforms along with you. This book is your guide to the many ways you can manifest from your soul. From exploring the power of sound and light, to embracing darkness and healing through joy, celebrating being different, honouring being a rebel and expressing your passion as well as your compassion, you will be offered many ways to heal and manifest your divine destiny. CRYSTAL GODDESSES 888, the next volume in the highly successful Crystal Spirituality Series, will connect you to the power of heaven in the form of the wild and loving divine feminine (and her many faces as goddesses from different spiritual traditions) and the power of the earth in the form of crystals that support each goddess in bringing her gifts of healing to you. With real life stories from the author to make the material practical and accessible, this book guides you with humour and love to take the next step on your path, creating your own version of heaven on earth. Whether you are new to all this or have been on your conscious path for years, you'll find a wealth of treasures in here. May you blossom wildly on your beautiful life journey, held in the grace of the wild feminine spirit that loves you unconditionally. Featuring 18 full-colour Crystal Master Mandalas by artist Jane Marin.

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