Dragons Guardians of Truth – Gayatri Singh



Author/Artist:  Gayatri Singh
Description:  48 card deck and guidebook.
ISBN:  n/a
Publisher: Aug 2020

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Dragons are divine intelligence. 

Every region has its own Dragons, they are a manifestation of the energy that belongs to that particular region.  The more intense the energy, the more powerful the Dragons.  Dragons maintain the sanctity of the land that they protect.  They are spiritual beings that bring transformational energies into our lives and have assisted humanity since the beginning of time, across all timelines.

Dragons are androgynous and communicate telepathically.    They will rarely reveal their identity and almost always reveal their purpose, and so the cards have been assigned as a purpose that each Dragon represents, something that they proudly associate with.  One may call on the Dragons with the purpose assigned to access their energies after using these cards.

Gayatri Singh is a multidimensional clairsentient, clairvoyant psychic medium and oracle card reader.  She has been engaged in the service of energy healing for 5 years.  The Dragon images were channeled through her as paintings with specific instructions and messages which have been assembled in the form of a 48 card deck.  The messages have been kept short and simple as per the instructions from the Dragons.

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