Faery Whispers – Lucy Cavendish

Faery Whispers – Lucy Cavendish


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Author: Lucy Cavendish
Description:  55 card deck plus instruction card
ISBN:  978-1-9255-3894-6
Publisher:  Blue Angel Publishing, 2021
Magickal Messages from the Realm of Enchantment

I do believe in faeries! I do!

Faeries are delightful, loving nature spirits and they wish to connect with you! Open your very own doorway into Faerylande with this charming 55-card deck from bestselling author Lucy Cavendish. Filled with wild and wise Faery magick, every message is healing, energising, inspiring and will help you to believe!

Welcome the faeries, discover their secrets and be ready to create an enchanted life full of purpose, enjoyment and innocent wonder. The faeries want all this for you. They do, they do!

Lucy Cavendish is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author and intuition expert.  She exhibited strong extra-sensory abilities as a child, and with no answers from school or mainstream religion, Lucy set out on a personal quest to understand and develop her magickal gifts. Lucy grew up in Sydney, Australia, and she has lived in Paris, London and the United States.  When she’s not writing or speaking, you’ll find Lucy surfing in the ocean, wandering deep within a faery forest, or dancing with the spirits in an ancient stone circle.

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