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Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness – Sarah Prout & Sean Patrick Simpson

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Author:  Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson
Description:  A collection of true-life experiences
ISBN:  978-0-9941-8650-8
Publisher:  Älska Publishing, 2015

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43 Inspiring true stories of creating vibrant health and harmony in body, mind & spirit

Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness is an extraordinary collection of true-life experiences written from the hearts and minds of more than 40 inspiring authors.  We created this book because we know there are many journeys for the mind, body, and spirit, and so many life lessons for us to explore, heal, and grow from.

How can I get through this? Why me? Am I strong enough?  These are the questions all our authors have asked themselves at one time or another.  Questions you may even be asking yourself right now.  The good news is, you are strong enough.  And you are worthy of a life that is full of vibrant health and abundance.

Whether you’re facing illness, nursing a broken heart, or battling demons from the past and wish to light the way to a brighter future, this book will illuminate your path and inspire you with the understanding that anything is possible.

Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson are the founders of  Älska Publishing and the best selling authors of numerous books, including The Adventures in Manifesting series.  Together they have published hundreds of authors whose works have been seen in more than 30 countries around the world.  Sarah and Sean have created a range of companies dedicated to unleashing your full potential and embracing the limitless world of possibilities for creating a life you love.

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