Hello? Can you hear me? – Bianca de Reus

Hello? Can you hear me? – Bianca de Reus


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Author: Bianca de Reus
Description:  Bk – Learn to Communicate with Animals
ISBN:  978-1-5043-1494-7
Publisher:  Balboa Press, 2018
Imagine being able to talk with your dog, cat, bird, or horse?  If you could hear their voice and feel what they feel?

What if you were to receive guidance from your animal companion, and provide reassurance in return?  Think of the amazing life you could live together, full of joy and happiness?

Picture a world where animals and humans coexist in harmony and with love.  Where all Beings are free, sharing wisdom and compassion with each other.  Animal communication can help us to achieve this!  Bianca de Reus takes you on an explorative journey of animal language, connection, relationships, and spiritual abilities.  She shares her personal journey and experiences, teaching you to improve your own life and relationships with animals around you, by tuning into animal language.  Bianca brings animal communication to you in an inspiring and practical way.  By learning how t tune into the energetic world, you too can learn to talk with the animals.

Bianca de Reus is one of Australia’s sought-after soul coaches and animal communicators.  She works with people and animals around the world, teaching, healing, communicating with animals, coaching, and mentoring.  Through many years of work, Bianca has gained experience working with many animals including dogs, cats, and horses.  She lives in Sydney with her wife, son, and two dogs.  She is available for consultation, mentoring and coaching sessions, and speaking engagements.

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