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Identifying Trauma & Mental Health Issues – Dr Linet Amalie


The Practitioner’s Guide to Identifying Trauma and Mental Health Issues
Author:  Dr Linet Amalie
Description:  288-page book
ISBN:  978-0-9876-3438-2
Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing, Aug 2019

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  • As a psychic, medium, oracle or tarot reader, healer, counsellor, reiki master or another type of spiritual support provider or alternative health practitioner working primarily in the Mind Body Spirit industry, have you ever felt concerned for a client’s general mental health, or pondered the possibility that they may be suffering from a mental health issue?
  • Would you know what signs to look for or what to do if their mental health took a sudden turn for the worse?
  • Would you know how to identify someone who is burdened with history of depression? Or recognise the tell-tale signs of bipolar, schizophrenia or one of the many forms of personality disorders? And would you know how to handle a client who may be feeling suicidal and presents for a reading to find out if their life will improve?

The Practitioner’s Guideto Identifying Trauma and Mental Health Issues is designed to help spiritual support providers and alternative health practitioners to recognise and address the many underlying problems and circumstances that may present in clients living with mental health issues who are seeking guidance and assistance. It endeavours to illustrate caring methods that are supportive of clients’ wellbeing, at the same time protective of practitioners on a legal and professional level.

Based on actual client presentations for healing over a 30-year period, Dr Linet Amalie explores mental health and trauma-related issues and provides suggested outcomes for treatment of the emotional, physical and spiritual self. In addition, thought-provoking Questionnaires and Scenarios assist the reader to reflect on what they could do when and if confronted with challenging behaviours.

The Practitioner’s Guide will prove itself a handy reference tool for when you feel something is ‘not quite right’ for the person sitting across from you. It will help you identify what the client may be going through, while providing understanding of how best to support them. It also aims to help the practitioner understand the signs and symptoms for referring or directing the client to further professional treatment.

The Practitioner’s Guide was also written with the intention of establishing basic standards within the Mind Body Spirit industry and addresses practitioners’ professional principles and behaviour when handling and monitoring clients.

Dr Linet Amalie has enjoyed a colourful and varied medical career spanning more than 30 years; a career that first saw her nursing in England and Europe, working in community health, and lecturing at a university level, to managing an international community health service and working on base alongside the Saudi Army for the King. Here in Australia, Dr Linet has worked in both the private and public health sectors in roles that included insurance assessment, and, on a community level, policing, prisons and other forensic work, as well as mental health and immigration.  During her medical career, Dr Linet has completed a myriad of courses and ongoing professional development that includes two post graduate certificates, diplomas, two masters degrees and a doctorate in Pastoral Counseling. After finally completing her career in private practice, Dr Linet now enjoys mentoring professional colleagues and co-workers in the spiritual industry. The medical field continues to be an area Dr Linet is very passionate about, and she hopes her books will provide a skill set, knowledge base and basic standard level for the psychic, spiritual complimentary therapy industry to work toward; a community she cares very deeply about but yearns to see become more professionally aware and prepared.

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