In Focus Crystals – Bernice Cockram


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Author: Bernice Cockram
Description:  An all-in-one resource to get their lives back on track.
ISBN:  978-1-5771-5170-8
Publisher: Zambesi Publishing, Oct 2018

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Feeling creatively or spiritually blocked? 

Perhaps you are suffering from a physical ailment?  Trouble sleeping?  Regardless of what may be plaguing you, the innate power within crystals can have tremendous healing effects.

In Focus Crystals describes over 100 crystals, from amethyst to zircon, complete with detailed summaries of their uses, qualities, and strengths, all expertly presented by crystal therapist Bernice Cockram.  This is an all-in-one resource to using Earth’s precious stones, from learning how to work with crystal energy to setting up personalized crystal grids.  Also included is a set of 7 double-sided grids cards that provide quick and easy reference to laying out crystals for healing, energising, and more.

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