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Into the Storm Trilogy – Serene Conneeley

Into the Storm Trilogy
Author:  Serene Conneeley
Description:  Into the Storm: 397 page book
ISBN:  978-0-9945-9338-2
Publisher:  Blessed Bee Books, 2017
Description:  Into the Fire: 353 page book
ISBN:  978-0-6484-0160-5
Publisher:  Blessed Bee Books, 2018
Description:  Into the Air: 401 page book
ISBN:  978-0-6484-0161-2
Publisher:  Blessed Bee Books, 2019

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Book 1 – Into the Storm: A spell to weave. A life to save. A heart to break. A storm to brave.

When Rhiannon’s mother dies, her whole world falls apart, and she withdraws from her family, her friends and her life. As grief and anger rage within her, she connects with the wildness of the winter storms – until she’s consumed by the powers they unleash. A priestess tries to help her, a woman from the mists seeks to comfort her and her little brother attempts to reach her, but she doesn’t know how to find her way back.

Entwined throughout is the story of her mother, which reveals a haunting mystery. Why did her parents keep such a dark secret? How will a spell she casts in the the woods one full moon night unravel her? Who is the woman in red she encounters atop the sacred hill? And what chaos will be wrought by a girl from the other side of the world with a strange link to her father?

As the darkness of her shadow self is revealed, Rhiannon must find the courage to go into the storm and face her greatest fears. But if she does, will she be transformed by its terrible power, or broken and lost in the wreckage?

Book 2 – Into the Fire:  Magic to make. Love to save. Ghosts to slay. Fire to brave…

Rhiannon survived the storms that consumed her and the grief that nearly destroyed her. and is now filled with hope. She adores her best friend, and the spells they weave on moonlit nights. She’s excited about their magical studies, as well as the more earthly career they’re working towards. She’s grateful for her family, and the Otherworldly beings who watch over her. So when she falls in love for the first time, her life seems almost perfect.

But the brighter her light shines, the more darkness rises. There’s guilt she’s not sure she can live with. a long-buried secret threatening to tear her apart. A friendship in peril because of a lie. A boyfriend she’s too scared to show her true self to. A priestess who sees more than she should. A woman of the mists to who tries to drown her, and one who wants to scald her. An a monster from her past she’s not ready to face.

As her world tumbles down around her, Rhiannon must find the strength to leap into the fire and burn away her pain. But if she can, will she rise like the phoenix and be reborn, or turn to ash and lose her self?

Book 3 – Into the Air: Love, loss, and a life torn apart…Can a stranger with a raven tattoo heal her heart?

After the death of her mother and a painful break-up, Rhiannon finally managed to put the shattered fragments of her heart back together and find peace. But then a long-buried trauma resurfaced, and she was thrust into the blistering heat of the fire. Now, caught between light and dark, hope and despair, she must discover if she can rise strong once more.

She’s blessed with the support of her best friend, the love of a priestess and the magic of her coven, yet there’s also a ghost who haunts her dreams. A love spell threatening to blow up in her face. A fight she has no chance of winning. A mysterious woman in gold who knows more than she’ll reveal. A trial from the Lady of the Lake and a challenge from Morgaine. And a stranger with a raven tattoo who could save her or destroy her.

As the shadows close in around her, Rhiannon must find the courage to journey deep into the woods to confront the darkness within. But even if she’s brave enough, will she conquer her fears and emerge into the light for her happily-ever-after, or is she destined to wander lost and alone forever?

Serene Conneeley is the Australian author of The Into the Mists Trilogy and The Into the Storm Trilogy, plus The Swan Maiden, Faery Magic, Mermaid Magic, Witchy Magic, Seven Sacred Sites and A Magical Journey.

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Book 1: Into the Storm, Book 2: Into the Fire, Book 3: Into the Air, The Three books


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