Ishtar Siduri, Goddess of Beer


Ishar Siduri Goddess figurine is gold-toned and stands 13.4cm tall.  It comes packaged in a sturdy box and includes an information leaflet.

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Goddess of Ale /Beer ~ Bestower of Strength and Fertility ~ Ishtar Siduri

Siduri was associated with successful crops, such as grains and hops, which perhaps led to her becoming symbolic of abundance, power, and creation.
Siduri stands with her brewing pot in her hands and wearing a veil that covers her back. Sometimes known as “The Barmaid” she smiles knowingly, as she prepares special beers and wines for rituals and gatherings.

From the ancient Babylonian epic of Gilgamesh (2700 B.C.) comes mention of Siduri.
“Beside the sea she lives, the woman of the vine, the maker of wine; Siduri sits in the garden at the edge of the sea, with the golden bowl and the golden vats that the gods gave her”.

Gilgamesh, the wild Babylonian king, was known for his violent actions and often caused himself and others much grief. When he came upon the wise Siduri, he asked “Give me advice to guide me on my way?”
Siduri taught him to take pleasure in everyday joys, such as his wife, lovemaking, good food and wine.

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