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Morsel – Kerrie Basha


Author:  Kerrie Basha
Description:  136-page book
ISBN: 978-0-6454-3591-7
Publisher:  Blurb, 2022

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A collection of short stories and poetry to uplift, inspire and ignite.

Crafted in the imaginal realms to transport you from this mundane reality to worlds rippling with morsels of magic.

Morsel is Kerrie’s first book, published in March 2022. After a decade of writing online as Bohomofo, Kerrie has collected her favourites together with her personal poetry to create a book of uncommon space and wonder.

Designed to fire the imagination, Morsel is a collection of short stories, prose and poems to uplift and ignite. Crafted in the imaginal realm to transport you from this mundane reality to worlds rippling with magic. Featuring a gorgeous cover design by Samantha Wills and a spacious format with room for your own scribbles and sketches, Morsel is escapism by design.

Kerrie Basha works at the crossroads of vision, creativity and imagination as an author, tarot reader, shadow guide and practicing witch. Her first book Morsel was released in early 2022 after a decade of writing online. Making her home on the wild east coast of Australia, Kerrie works worldwide online, guided by the moon and stars above and earth below, intentionally creating safe curated spaces for you to connect to your path and power, your soul self and your innate guidance.

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