Oracle of the Innocent Heart – Scott Alexander King

Oracle of the Innocent Heart – Scott Alexander King


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Oracle of the Innocent Heart
Author:  Scott Alexander King
Artist:  Sharon McLeod
Description:  45-card deck with 165page guidebook
ISBN:  978-0-9923-4760-4
Publisher:  Animal Dreaming Publishing, 2021
The Oracle of the Innocent Heart is about simple things

The simple things a child will ponder and question for hours, but that an adult may consider for a second and then dismiss as unimportant or trivial. It is an Oracle that asks the adult mind to journey within to seek the advice and solace of the inner child. It asks the mental, relentlessly processing adult mind to be still, to be silent, kind, and peaceful like that of a child’s. To be gentle, to remember, to dream and to listen again to stories that encourage the stagnant mind to wake up, to dare and wonder, to embark on adventures and to rescue princesses from towers and treasure from dragon-filled caves. It is about reigniting creativity, reawakening the inquisitive spirit and nurturing the generous heart; all the things the adult mind once did when it was young, but has now forgotten to do.

In short, this is an Oracle for those seeking magic and beauty, permission to heal and the will to grow; not to grow ‘up’ mind you, but ’back’ – back to the Land of Possibility. An Oracle that will transport you back through the years of lost innocence to reclaim a gentle beauty that once lovingly guided your heart and inspired your soul.

Scott Alexander King is an author, teacher, public speaker, psychic medium, a practitioner of Earth Medicine, and Zoomancer: an individual that examines the habits and appearance of animals to help explain or reveal the future path of other people.  As far as he knows, he’s the only Zoomancer in Australia!  Having spent almost two years training daily under a medicine elder, and with 13 publications currently on the international market, all centred on animal symbolism, totemism, and spirit animals, Scott calls his path ANIMAL DREAMING – a shamanic path that directly draws upon the wisdom, symbolism and medicine ways of animals.  Australian-born, Scott lives in the picturesque, subtropical Northern Rivers, located 30 minutes inland from New South Wale’s iconic Byron Bay, with his wife, three children, and a menagerie of rescued animals, including a camel, a miniature donkey, shetland ponies, and alpacas.

Sharon McLeod was born an artist.  Deeply inspired by Nature, the goddess in her many forms and the existence of Faeries, Sharon’s great-grandmother taught her many of the old ways of the Anglo-Saxon Gypsy.  With a bloodline that goes way back through Poland to the Romany Gypsies on her mother’s side, and to the McLeod’s mystical blood of the Faeries on her father’s, Sharon naturally loves ‘all things Gypsy’; from gypsy caravans, tarot cards, magicians, cupid dolls to the myriad of curious circus performers that many Gypsies became.  She is famous for her illustrations in Witchcraft Magazine and Europe’s Fae Magazine.  Sharon and her two girls live a bohemian life in Queensland’s beautiful Springbrook region, where they eat from their organic vegetable garden and spend their days painting and drawing.

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