Pagan Portals: Australian Druidry – Julie Brett

Pagan Portals: Australian Druidry – Julie Brett


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Author:  Julie Brett
Description:  128 page book 
ISBN:  978-1-7853-5370-3
Publisher:  Moon Books, Sept 2017
Connecting with the Sacred Landscape

Pagan Portals: Australian Druidry works as a supplement to the study of Druidry and other nature-based spiritual paths as practiced in Australia.  The seasons, animals, plants, and ancestral histories of the land in Australia are quite different from those of the Celtic lands where Druidry originates.

Julie Brett discusses the difficulties of following a nature-based tradition in an environment wildly different from Druidism’s place of origin, and offers practical information on how to adapt the practice of Druidry to suit the energy of the land and respect its spirits and ancestors.

Julie Brett is passionate about reawakening the magic of the Australian landscape.  She is also passionate about Druidry and creating new forms of it that recognize the integral aspects of both ancestor-based tradition and nature-based tradition, bringing these together to create a form of Druidry that is truly Australian.

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