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Pagan Portals: Reclaiming Witchcraft – Irisanya Moon


Author:  Irisanya Moon
Description:  92-page book
ISBN:  978-1-7890-4212-2
Publisher:  Moon Books, 2020

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The first book to provide Reclaiming 101, Irisanya Moon discusses the current state of Reclaiming, its practices, and the variety of cultures around the world.

Reclaiming Witchcraft is designed to help the reader better understand the basic structure of the Reclaiming tradition, as well as discover how it has changed since its initial formation in San Francisco and subsequent journey out to the reaches of Canada, Australia, and Europe. From the basic tenets of what makes a Reclaiming Witch, to how rituals are performed, how lessons are passed on, and how magick is made around the world, Reclaiming Witchcraft seeks to welcome those who might be interested in learning more, while also directing them to resources and paths that can help facilitate their journey.

Irisanya Moon is a Moon Books blogger and frequent contributor to Moon Books anthologies.  She has also been a contributor to Witches&Pagans magazine, a blogger for Paganbloggers,com, a blogger for Moon Books, and a blogger for Patheos.com.  In addition, Irisanya has contributed pieces for Elements of Magic (Llewellyn), and written a piece for The New Aradia by Revelore Press.

Irisanya is a priestess and teacher in the Reclaiming tradition, and has taught classes and camps around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. She was initiated into the tradition in 2014.

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