Pagan Portals: Stories for the Songs of the Year – Fiona Tinker

Pagan Portals: Stories for the Songs of the Year – Fiona Tinker


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Author:  Fiona Tinker
Description:  97-page book
ISBN:  978-1-7890-4470-6
Publisher:  Moon Books, 2020
Stories to celebrate a Celtic wheel of the year for parents, tots and teens.

Stories for the Songs of the Year is a collection of new children’s stories that celebrate the festivals and seasons.  The tales follow the adventures of Attila and Meg, a know-it-all rabbit and a cat with half a tail, who generally cause chaos and mischief for Angus Óg and which introduce Celtic Gods and some of the ideas central to Celtic beliefs in an age-appropriate way.  The stories will also appeal to pre-teens who are able to read for themselves and who may be ready to begin to explore their own spiritual paths.

Tinker’s book also includes a short, factual essay written for parents, covering many practical matters, which is both helpful and informative for parents wishing to explore their own Pagan paths with their children.

Fiona Tinker was born in Glasgow in 1961 and, after many adventures and travels covering several thousand miles and three countries, finally turned her map the right way round and now lives by the sea on the Moray coast in the North of Scotland.  She has taught English to secondary school pupils, in both England and Scotland, for around twenty years.  Fiona Tinker is Pagan and is actively involved in civic advocacy work in Scotland.

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