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Palo Santo wood


Palo Santo is a very sacred tree that grows on the coast of South America.  It is related to Frankincense and Myrrh. It is named by the Indigenous people and is Spanish for ‘Holy Wood’.

Many people report that it is very effective in clearing space for ritual, spiritual work and removing dense or unwanted energy, as well as calling positive energy into the space. 

Avalon by Nature promotes respectful and principled use of Palo Sant and asks customers to respect the traditions of the South American First Nations and to use with reverence and care.

To use:  holding the stick over a saucer or bowl, light the tip so that smoke is generated.  Stand at the entrance of the space you wish to clear and move in a direction that is consistent throughout the whole area.  Using a feather or your hand, waft the smoke through and around the space, ‘collecting’ dense energy for removal.  Return to starting position and send the energy out of your space for Universal cleansing and transmutation.  Safely extinguish the stick and store safely for reuse.

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Palo Santo

Single Wood Stick, Milled Chips, 4pack of Wood Sticks


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