R-Expo’s Vampire Kiss Incense stick



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Vampire’s Kiss

It immortalizes you, it intensifies your thirst for desires, it unleashes your dark side.  Rumor has it that Vampire’s Kiss is formulated by blood-thirsty vampires to aid their hunt for humans. This incense captivates mortals with its sensual smell, seducing the vampire’s prey as they sink their fangs deep into their necks. Once lit, it immediately transports you into a trance of pure bliss. Other effects include a strong longing toward the realm of the supernature. 

Burn at your own risk.

Slow Sensual Seduction.

Light a stick, blow out the flame and enjoy the scent wafting around your space.

Packaging: Rectangle boxes 15g – 1 left, damaged box, incense sticks fine.

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