Sacred Earth Journal – Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams

Sacred Earth Journal – Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams


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Authors:  Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams
Artist:  Helena Nelson-Reed
Description:  220-page journal
ISBN:  978-1-9255-3868-7
Publisher:  Blue Angel Publishing,  2020
Features 44 full-page colour art reproductions!

Our Sacred Earth is a healer, a teacher and a muse.  Consciously connecting to this tremendous resource can awaken us to deeper truths and bring us closer to divinity.  Just being in nature is enough to deepen our humility, gratitude and awe.  Communing with our living planet can be transformative.  For whatever the problem, somewhere in its vast history, our Sacred Earth has already solved it.

Open your journal, and step outside of judgement, comparison and timetables.  Go beyond who you understand yourself to be.  Honour the seeker in you, step outside expectation and let go of constraint.  Let inky rain pour over these pages.  Let your expression flow in streams of consciousness.  Let it come slowly.  Let it deepen.  Let it puddle, let it rage, let it trickle.  Each mark on the pages waters a seed so that your sketches, lyrics, memories, plans, poems, notes, heartaches, hopes and musings grow to become a rich and vibrant landscape – where the dandelions aren’t competing, the mountains aren’t jealous of the sea and the rain doesn’t come on schedule.  Yours is the rain, the sun and the seeds.  You are a creator, an observer, a student, a teacher, and explorer of this Sacred Earth.

This deluxe softcover journal features 220 pages of cream-coloured premium quality wood-free paper, with a combination of lined and unlined pages to accommodate all facets of your self-expression – you may like to write, paint, muse, scribble or sketch.  Includes poetry by Toni Carmine Salerno as well as an introduction, journaling tips, unique messages and 44 full-colour illustrations.

Toni Carmine Salerno is an Australian artist, poet and dreamer.  He and his wife Martine opened their Blue Angel Bookshop in 1997 which evolved into Blue Angel Publishing in 2001.  As well as authoring and illustrating many successful books, oracle sets, journals, and meditations, Toni continues to support like-spirited writers, artists, musicians, designers, and editors.  Blue Angel Publishing has brought together hundreds of enlightening products that are available in many languages across our beautiful planet.

Leela Williams has been an editor and writer in the spiritual field since 2000.  As the publisher of magazines such as Spheres – the spirit guide and the International Psychics Directory she has had the honour of working with and learning from many gifted and inspiring thinkers.  Her ongoing support of the spiritual community has been recognised by the International Psychics Association and she has a weekly radio segment on Sharina’s Psychic Encounters.  Leela’s deep thinking, philosophical and creative skills make her a sought-after editor and mentor.  She juggles her many interests with ongoing study and is slowly completing a major in Studies of Religion.

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