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Sacred Light Oracle – Anna Stark


Author:  Anna Stark
Artist:  Selena Moon
Description:  36-card deck and 96-page booklet
ISBN:   978-1-9259-4626-0
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, June 2021

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Ascension cards for the Spiritual Seeker

Sacred Light Oracle comprises 36 cards that blend messages from the ascended masters and spiritual hierarchy.  Each card has an associated ascension master, crystal, and affirmation that are aligned to connect you to higher levels of light frequency. The oracle offers you the knowledge and wisdom to lovingly raise your personal vibration to support your divine presence here on earth.
The cards are infused with crystalline energy, combining the healing frequencies of sacred geometry and powerful light energy to support your personal growth and spiritual practice.  Access the light realms to expand your consciousness to receive direct messages from your ascension guides and celestial teachers with love, compassion, and understanding.
The spiritual hierarchy will encourage you to rediscover your innate relationship with the universe. With loving affirmations, sacred crystals, and messages from the masters, your inner knowing will be awakened with peace and clarity as you walk the mystical path of spiritual ascension.

Anna Stark is a professional Psychic/Medium and Energy Specialist.  She began her love for reading tarot at age 15, and would sense spirit constantly throughout her readings.  Growing up in country New South Wales, Australia, Anna would often receive psychic messages about people, events, and places during her childhood.  In a search to understand her own unique abilities, she found a love for all things paranormal, developing a love for history and sociological understanding.  Anna’s life mission is to educate, creating awareness about our minds healing potential, intuition, energy and our conscious being.

Selena Moon is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist with a background in graphic design.  She has been interested in art, drawing, and computers since childhood, and any free subject choices in school always tended towards the creative ones.  With her own design studio, Selena has an established career as a graphic designer, illustrator, and digital artist in both Sweden and now in Australia.


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