Sacred Power Reading Cards – Anna Stark


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Author:  Anna Stark
Artist:  Luis Dyer
Description:  36-card deck and booklet
ISBN:  978-1-9254-2927-5
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, July 2017

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Transformative guidance for your life journey

Sacred Power Reading Cards is a deck of 36 cards to inspire self-empowerment and healing by tapping into sacred symbols, totem animals and delving deep into spiritual realms.  This dedicated deck of power symbols assists to awaken your spirit’s path and open your heart towards new possibilities and guidance.

These cards are also a direct supportive tool for those who work as healing practitioners in any area of emotional and physical wellbeing modalities such as Reiki, Kinesiology, Counselling, Theta Healing and more.  With the accompanying guidebook including affirmations, meditations, and simple techniques to enhance your self-healing abilities, the Sacred Power Reading Cards are sure to awaken your magnificent creative force within.

This deck is dedicated to all those seeking to reclaim their personal power.

Anna Stark is a professional Psychic/Medium and Energy Specialist.  She began her love for reading tarot at age 15, and would sense spirit constantly throughout her readings.  Growing up in country New South Wales, Australia, Anna would often receive psychic messages about people, events, and places during her childhood.  In a search to understand her own unique abilities, she found a love for all things paranormal, developing a love for history and sociological understanding.  Anna’s life mission is to educate, creating awareness about our minds healing potential, intuition, energy and our conscious being.

Louis Dyer is a digital artist living in the UK.   The illustrator of the Sacred Power Reading Cards, his artworks reflect his inspiring lucid dreams, meditation and astral journeys.  He is a refined digital painter with expert speed painting skills, producing beautiful images in a few hours.  He prefers
to approach his work in a digital format but is also a skilled traditional painter using watercolours, acrylics and oils.  His artwork has been featured in magazines such as Digital Arts magazine, Lucuma Magazine and Dreamland Magazine and is regularly shared around the internet.

‘My love for art began at age five when I witnessed a cousin drawing and was mesmerised by the magic of creation.  I immediately started to do the same and painted what I loved, which at the time was cartoons, video game characters and nature.  I dabbled in a number of mediums but mostly enjoyed simple pen, pencil, watercolours and paper.  This love for art continued throughout my childhood.  I started contemplating my place on Earth and what my mission was.  I came to the conclusion that I exist right now to inspire and heal others through my art.’

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