Self-Love Gift Pack – Akal Pritam

Self-Love Gift Pack – Akal Pritam


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Author:  Akal Pritam
Description:  A gift set of 3 items:  36-card deck with guidebook PLUS 40-mini card deck PLUS 272-page book
ISBN:  multiple
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, 2019-2020
Self-Love Oracle – the Oracle for the Modern Woman

Explore your chakras and aura, and integrate your past emotional experiences and energies for a total for mind, body and soul healing.  Through its stunning multi-layered illustrations and unique and loving messages, this 36-card oracle invites you to discover the essence of your divine femininity. Each card in the 36-card set offers an energy description, a soul lesson, element, gift and ritual. Additional cards for the seven Chakras and Aura, as well as four Wild cards for extended guidance, complete the sensual oracle.  Create your own path to total wellbeing and divine spirituality.

Let Go mini cards deck

These cards serve as reminders to stay focused on your creative destiny and future success and living your life with purpose.  Let Go is the perfect inspiration to see the world with kinder eyes.  When you let go of the past all the things that no longer serve you from last year, last month, last week or yesterday you can live with greater presence and inner peace. And when you are present you can see all the opportunities and prosperity that is meant for you.

Self-Love (book) – Finding Peace and Happiness

Self-Love is visually layered with dharma art, expressing the many layers of the complex divine feminine.  This book offers a visual journey that is like the life of a woman and is an intricate tapestry of colour and beauty woven with love.  The dharma art on each page presents visual, poetic and practical offerings to guide each reader as they immerse themselves in self-love, compassion, forgiveness and an expanded perspective.  As the reader learns about the chakras, including the aura, which are used as a container for the understanding of emotions, they will understand how subtle energy within the body can be trusted, harnessed and utilised for well-being.  In this Aquarian Age of multi-layered communication, technology and greater awareness, the human collective is evolving rapidly.  This age is all about energy -and particularly the expansive energy that is the vibration of true love flooding through our world. Akal Pritam’s life as a dharma artist began in early childhood, when she displayed a natural talent for communication.  She has worked as a fashion art director both in Australia and internationally.  In the mid 1990s Akal completely changed her approach to life, practising yoga and meditation and studying metaphysics and healing with whole foods, and writing many internationally successful books.  Akal and her life partner created an organic, raw food, vegan cafe and well-being store that attracted many souls who wanted to self-nurture and reclaim their health.  Akal created ranges of raw vegan food and chocolate, aromatherapy, herbal and chai teas and unique gifts, and ran workshops on plant-based living, self-healing practices, aromatherapy and the chakras.  Living with her family in wild and beautiful Byron Bay in northern New South Wales, Australia, Akal is now focused on creating unique books, gift products and art that is food for the soul. Her work resonates with a diverse range of individuals and inspires them to self-love and grow the light of their own soul.  ‘Your life is meant to feel good, it is meant to be fun and it is meant to be exciting.  You are a most wonderful, beautiful human being; it’s time to realise this and take a deeper journey to self-love.’

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