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Since 2017, Avalon by Nature has been visiting Broken Hill and setting up in the Westside Plaza and dreaming of being able to offer more to you!  So we’ve decided to come in this May and set up our Book and Treasure shop in a private space for you to shop in comfort.  There will be space and time to ask all the questions you want and Linda Phillips will be available for Tarot Readings too.

The dates are Sun 2, Mon 3, and Tues 4 May 2021.

  • Address – GUOOF Memorial Hall, 161 Blende Street, Broken Hill
  • We are setting up in the hall and have our own entrance, so you will have a fairly quiet and relaxing environment.
  • We are open from 10am on each morning until about 5pm. 
  • If you want a later appointment time, please contact Jo directly via 0414 775 612. 
  • We encourage you to pre-book – this way you have Jo’s 100% attention and we can manage numbers in this almost-post-Covid-world.  Although the hall space itself is large, Jo’s tables will be together in one place.  The other spaces will be used for our other activities.
The Book and Treasure shop consist of a wide variety of:
  • Mind, Body & Soul books & CDs
  • Oracle and Tarot decks
  • Crystals – polished and raw
  • Jewellery – crystal, bronze, and sterling silver – rings, ear-rings and pendants
  • Aromas for the Soul
    • Incense – sticks and resins
    • Perfumes (inc Spiritual Sky)
    • Essential Oils – Gumleaf Essentials Australian brand
  • Eden Seeds and Select Organic Seeds

We’re excited to offer this opportunity to connect with you and look forward to seeing you.


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