Silverstone Essential Oils


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This product lists a small selection of essential oils created by Silverstone, established in Byron Bay in 2000.

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Pure Essential Oils

Benzoin, Wintergreen

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    Since Time Immemorial, flowers, leaves, roots and stems were collected and used for scent, wellbeing and healing. Over time, knowledge about the properties of herbs was shared and improved to the understandings we have today.

    Herbs were used as incense, poultices, teas, infusions and talismans. They were used to heal the body and soothe the soul and were an integral ingredient in the workings of every healer and wise woman. You can enrich your practice by following simple recipes or creating your own blends.  The selection we offer here is a combination of those available in 14th Century Britain and those most commonly used today.  Potion Portions allow you to buy every herb you require, as well as the candles, charcoal disks and resins to accompany them. Happy Potioning!

    Credit:  Most of the information about the magical properties of each herb has been gleaned from Scott Cunninghams’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.


    • These herbs are all dried herbs and are sold for incense or spellwork.  They have not been packaged or intended to be used for ingesting as teas or topical application via creams etc.
    • If this is your intended purchase, send us a message and we will arrange appropriate supply.
    • The descriptions provided include entertaining and historical use, not recommended use.
    • Always consult qualified practitioners in herbal medicine.
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