Song of India Solid Perfume in Soapstone Pot

Long lasting Beeswax-based perfume in individual, hand carved soapstone containers.  Sustainable, natural packaging, perfect for a gift

This is a completely natural product, made in India.

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Amber, Frangipani, Frankincense, Jasmine, Krishna Musk, Liquid Moon, Musk, Night Queen, Opium, Rose, Sandal

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    Aroma Temple

    Smells just like Temples in India.

    An essence of divinity, holiness and purity – that’s what you smell when you light an Aroma Temple. This subtle yet distinct fragrance works like a charm to soothe your senses and create the perfect meditative ambience of a holy Indian temple.  You can enjoy the goodness of its scent in any space as these sticks can serve as a potpourri as well. Experience the divine aura through this soulful smell!

    Smells Pure, Smells Alluring, Smells Absolutely Divine!

    Light a stick, blow out the flame and enjoy the scent wafting around your space.

    Packaging: Rectangle boxes 15g

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  • Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil
    Spiritual Sky Perfume Oil

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    Timeless, Spiritual Sky® oils have been bottled in Australia since 1973. These perfumes are free from alcohol.

    We have all your favourite scents including African Violet, Amber, Coconut Dreams, Frangipani, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Musk, Musk Peach, Musk Rose, Night Queen, Opium, Patchouli, Patchouli Amber, Patchouli Moon, Priya, Sandalwood, Shanti (replaced Aphrodesia), Strawberry, Vanilla & Ylang Ylang! 

    Size 8.5mls

    Product Changes:

    • 2018 Shanti, reminiscent of Aphrodesia Original, was released.
    • 2019 Om was discontinued.
    • 2020 The New Frankincense is Now Available – it is a NEW formula in accordance with new guidelines set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).  It smells beautiful.
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    Essential Oil Pulse Point Rollers

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    Product Features:

    • Blended & Bottled in Australia
    • 100% pure, natural & true to botanical essential oils
    • Diluted in fractionated coconut & jojoba oils for topical use
    • Stringently tested via gas chromatography, optical rotation, refractive index, specific gravity, colour & odour profile
    • Convenient travel size
    Size / Duration:
    9ml / 0.30fl oz
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