Spellcasting Oracle Cards – Flavia Kate Peters & Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Spellcasting Oracle Cards – Flavia Kate Peters & Barbara Meiklejohn-Free


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Author:  Flavia Kate Peters & Barbara Meiklejon-Free
Artist:  Lisbeth Geever-Gessaman
Description:   48-card deck and guidebook
ISBN: 978-1-7881-7077-2
Publisher:  hay House, Jul 2020
Reconnect with your natural magical abilities with this positive witchcraft deck, designed to assist you with manifesting your desires.
Have you ever wished you could cast a spell to help you through a difficult time or achieve a goal?
The Spellcasting Oracle Cards are for anyone who wishes to explore the realms of natural magic and enhance their own abilities.  It has been designed to weave the magic and workings of the Old Ways with the very current issues of our modern society.  From bringing anything about, including protection, true love, abundance, or a new career, each card gives wisdom, advice, and an easy-to-follow spell that the reader can safely perform to invoke the outcome that is desired.
Each spell includes magical ingredients, such as a specific herb or crystal, and instructions on how to perform the spell.  The spell itself will be in the form of rhyme, adding an extra element of ceremony.  The guidebook explains how to work with specific magical timings and moon phases, and gives directions to enhance spell work, ensuring that the energies are at their most potent when doing so.
By working with the mystical forces and cycles of nature, in conjunction with ancient wisdom and ritual, the Spellcasting Oracle Cards are a safe and easy divinatory method to open up magical practitioners (whether new or experienced) to their full spellcasting potential, and give them the power to create and manifest what they desire in their lives.

Flavia Kate Peters is known as The Fairy Seer who embraces the path of the Old Ways and that of Fairy-craft.  A teacher of natural & ancient magic, Flavia Kate trains others through her professional certification ‘magical’ courses, and is a working medium, clairvoyant and a best selling author – including Way of the Faery Shaman and Witches’ Wisdom oracle deck.

Flavia is a regular Presenter on the Mind Body Spirit & Pagan circuits, and Television appearances include Celebrity Haunted Hotel & Lightworker’s Guide to the Galaxy, along with various guest slots for BBC Radio.  She regularly graces the pages of Spirit and Destiny magazine and is a columnist for FAE and Witchcraft & Wicca Magazines.

Recognized as the UK’s leading elemental ancient magic expert, her authentic, experienced and honest approach makes her a most sought after and popular wisdom keeper.  Her mission is to keep the magic alive!

Known as the Highland Seer, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free is a high priestess of Isis and of the Cailleach.  She is a hereditary, eclectic and solitary witch who was initiated into the craft when she was 16 years old.  Barbara is a best-selling and award-winning author and a teacher, advocate and protector of the great earth-centred traditions.  She has taught mediumship, trans-mediumship and shamanism at Arthur Findlay College, Edinburgh College and the College of Psychic Studies, London.  She draws on her extensive work with indigenous cultures from around the world, weaving this together with a deep understanding and wisdom of the ancient landscape of her own pagan heritage.  Barbara hosts rites, rituals and ceremonies across the world.

Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman is a self-taught, visionary artist who merges technology with traditional mediums to create new interpretations (metamorphoses) of myth and archetype.  She is also a hopeful, eclectic, deeply spiritual, no bullshit seeker that heeds the traditions of ancestors, gurus, mystics, shamans and wild, wise women in order to create a life and body of work that is filled with spirit and beauty and magic and meaning.

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