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The Celtic Shaman: a Practical Guide – John Matthews


Author:  John Matthew
Description:  Comprehensive guide to Celtic shamanism
ISBN:  9780712614177
Publisher:  Random House, Nov 2001

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Probably the oldest known spiritual discipline, shamanism is the timeless art of living in harmony with creation, providing a universal system to work with today, whatever our religion or spiritual affiliation may be.  A reflection of a living tradition with a supremely practical approach to life, it teaches skills for living and ways to utilize latent abilities which we all possess. 

Celtic Shamanism derives from the native traditions of North-West Europe.  The shamanic contribution of the Celts and their predecessors has been overlooked until recently, and is one of the last shamanic traditions to be explored.  While it shares common elements with American, Australian and Siberian teachings, it derives entirely from Celtic source material.  The Celtic Shaman offers a varied and easily followed plan of self-tuition for anyone interested in Celtic mythology and the Western mysteries.

  • Ancient Celtic stories and myths about the way of the shaman
  • The theory of Celtic shamanism, including methods for opening our own shamanic senses, embarking on your first journeys and meeting your shamanic guides and totem animals
  • The practice of Celtic shamanism, explaining how to use shamanic experience to enhance your own life and for the benefit of others.

John Matthews is an internationally recognised expert on Celtic traditions, and has written more than fifty books on this and related subjects.

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