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The Green Hedge Witch (2nd edn) – Rae Beth


Author:  Rae Beth
Description:  176-page book
ISBN:   978-0-7198-2645-0
Publisher:  Crowood, Feb 2018

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Blending the ancient traditions of hedge witchcraft with our modern concerns for the natural world.

Working in liminal places and with wild spirits, the author shows how we can both help to heal the human relationship with the natural world and cast spells of increase for threatened species.  The Green Hedge Witch is based in the knowledge that we are part of nature, not apart from Her, and that this gives us our power and potential as well as our responsibilities.  And therefore, by the use of rites, spirit journeys, and elven help, we can work heartfelt healing magic.  This is a book for the budding spellcaster as well as the experienced hedge witch.

Rae Beth, is a hedge witch and fay with many lifetimes of magical experience behind her.  She writes books and poems, and gives talks on magical subjects.  Her aim is to assist people to meet with the land spirits and with those from Faerie.  Her bestselling works include Hedge WitchThe Hedge Witch’s Way and Spellcraft for Hedge Witches.

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