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What’s Your Soul Sign? – Debbie Frank


Author:  Debbie Frank
Description:  240-page book
ISBN:  978-1-4019-6418-4
Publisher:  Hay House, May 2021

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Astrology for Waking Up, Transforming and Living a High-Vibe Life

Renowned astrologer, Debbie Frank, shares how to use astrology for personal development – discover how your soul was destined to grow, develop and evolve in this lifetime.

Are you ready to discover who you really are on a soul level, and who you were born to be?

The magic of astrology flows through every aspect of our lives – from our work and relationships to our inner power and creative inspiration – leaving signposts, messages and guidance to assist us on our soul journey. In this book, Debbie Frank reveals her secrets for turning the insights from your birth chart into incredible triggers for personal growth. You’ll learn how to:
• interpret your ‘soul signs’ – the positions and interactions of the planets and aspects in your chart
• understand how the nodes reveal your soul path and soul connections with others
• discover how your soul was destined to grow, develop and evolve in this lifetime

Your birth chart is a sacred map encoded with all the information you need to find your true purpose, raise your vibration and transform your life.

Debbie Frank is a renowned UK astrologer who has been in practice since 1984.  A prolific media astrologer since 1994 when she started writing the horoscope column for SHE magazine, Debbie has also written horoscopes and columns for some of the UK’s biggest publications including the Daily Mail online, Sunday Express, Hello, Instyle, Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror.

She continues to see clients who have been coming to her for over 20 years.  Her most famous client was the late Princess Diana and Debbie became one of her inner circle in 1989 and they remained steadfast friends up until her death.

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