Wisdom’s Animals Affirmative Action Cards – Michele Stephenson



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Author/Artist:  Michele Stephenson
Description:  32 card deck with a guidebook, small notebook, pencil, and drawstring bag
Publisher:  Self Published 2008


Affirmative Action Cards

A set of original artwork, using animals to assist in self-empowerment and to confirm the knowing of your innate wisdom.

The Creation Story, supplied by Michele:  This story began a long time ago, but we can skip forward to 2008.  In this year, I came to a point where menstrual issues were escalating.  A large fibroid on the uterus was diagnosed and a hysterectomy was recommended.

As a Kahuna Bodyworker and Reiki practitioner, my thoughts were “Healer heal Thyself”.  Part of this journey was consulting a BodyTalk therapist, who tuned in to my body and soul and told me that the fibroid I had created was not the children I had decided not to create this lifetime.  It went deeper than that.  It was the creative mission I was born to fulfil and hadn’t due to self-doubt and lack of self-worth.  An operation may remove the physical obstacle, but the underlying cause would only be healed by embracing and fulfilling that mission.

As you can imagine, I went home and was standing there saying to myself and the Universe, “This is really major stuff.  What am I going to do?  What does it mean?”  I heard a voice in my head say “What did you love as a child?”  that was easy! Animals! Okay….what do I do with that?  It was like hearing a big sigh….Yep, we’re going to have to spoon feed her….”What was the one memory you have of feeling good about something you did?”  Immediately I saw myself as a young child in front of a chalkboard, standing back looking at a picture of a cat I had drawn, thinking, well that’s a good cat.  The lightbulb was on!  Chalk = Soft pastels, Chalkboard = Black paper.

The upshot was that I scrounged up some materials, and about an hour later had the drawing you see on the front of the box.  Happy Dance time!!  That voice from the Universe also told me I had no need for my uterus, so after the operation, for twelve weeks, I drew and drew and drew.  At 45 years of age, with a love of art and crafts, but very little experience or confidence, the artist was recognised and a card set was born.

In the time between then and now, I have been blessed to bring forward messages and life guidance through animals, spirit guides, symbols, and colour in the form of personalised Spirit Drawings, and commissioned to complete artwork for other people’s cards sets.  

The motto to this creation story:  If I can do it, so can You.  Embrace your passion.  Your childhood dreams hold the key.  Then everything will fall into alignment.

Michele Stephenson is a practitioner of KaHuna Massage and Healing Arts, and offers Guidance and Energetic Transmission for your Life Journey through Totem Animal artwork.  Michele is based in NSW, Australia.

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