The Cuppa Chats project was born from a hilarious conversation with my friend Suzanne, who I met in Mildura in 2019.  We were stall neighbours and feeling out of our respective depths and just connected really deeply.  We were laughing so hard, and Suzanne made me laugh harder by saying that I should do a regular video chat with people I meet and she wanted to be the first one!  So Jo Avalon's Cuppa Chats was born.

What's it about and Why do it?  

The purpose of the Cuppa Chats is to offer a relaxed opportunity to have a chat over a cuppa (the contents are up to you) about stuff your doing, stuff I am doing, how we connected and anything else that catches our fancy.  There is always a message, the something that you can take away to think about or apply to your own life.  I usually invite people whose creation I have in store but, as with Suzanne, it can just be an opportunity to share a fun conversation.


This was my first Jo Avalon Cuppa Chat and this video was the second attempt!! I was using Facebook Live and attempting to bring a second person on-screen with me. It was a very temperamental process but when the connection was made, it was sweet!

From my Facebook page: “Take 2 of Cuppa Chat with Suzanne Macpherson. We talked about energy, Light Language, activations, fairies, and going with the flow. Watch two women who don’t have it all together but laugh through it anyway!"

To connect with Suzanne.

Recorded 25 June 2019 using Facebook Live and uploaded to Youtube 7 April 2020.

NB just like the video, there is a technical issue with displaying the video here so follow the link to watch it on Youtube :).

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