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  • $8.00
    Black Soapstone Incense or Pot Pourri Jar (small)

    These are Black Soapstone carved jars, approximately 4cm in diameter.

    The lid has holes in the underside.

    The jar can be used to hold stick or cone incense, pot pourri, jewellery or a small quantity of crystals.

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  • $10.00
    Ceramic Charcoal Burner

     A Ceramic Charcoal Burner with an engraved Pentagram design is suitable for Charcoal, Resins, Herbs, Incense Powder, and Incense Cones.

    The high content of silica in this ceramic and the burners unique design minimises heat transfer which makes the burner safer to handle.  The handles of the burner still get quite warm but not as hot as to burn the skin, and the base did not get hot enough to mark the plastic bag we placed it on while the burner was in use.  A vast difference to brass or other ceramic burners. That said, caution should always be exercised when handling a hot burner. Keep away from anything flammable.  Charcoal gets extremely hot.

    25mm(h) x 80mm(w)

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  • Wooden Incense Box – 30cm
    Wooden Incense Box – 30cm

    A Wooden Incense Box with Hexagonal shaped Lattice Top and ‘Tree of Life’ Brass Inlay.

    Once a lit stick or cone is placed inside the box, the smoke will spread through carved openings, even if the top is closed.

    • Incense can be stored in secret compartment.
    • Can be used to burn sticks or cones.
    • Length 30 cm

    Made in India.

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