Kindness Cards – Lisa Messenger

Kindness Cards – Lisa Messenger


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Kindness Cards 
Author:  Lisa Messenger 
Description:  52 card deck of palm-sized cards
ISBN:  936-9-9984-1633-2
Publisher:  The Messenger Group, Oct 2021
52 cards to surprise and brighten someone’s day.

Pop these cards of a colleague’s desk, on your partner’s pillow, in your child’s lunchbox, on a stranger’s windscreen. Anywhere that can bring an unexpected smile and a moment of delight to someone special. 

Designed to go hand in hand with 365 Days of Kindness Journal

Lisa Messenger is an Australian entrepreneur and author.  She is the owner and creative director of marketing for The Messenger Group, a book publishing company and the founder and Editor in Chief of Collective Hub.  Her passion is to challenge individuals and corporations to change the way they think, take them out of their comfort zone, and prove that there is more than one way to do anything.  She encourages entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and innovation and lives life to the absolute max.

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