Jo Avalon’s Weekly News and Oracle

Jo Avalon’s Weekly News and Oracle

Hello from Gwandalan 😊!  I have quite a selection of local and away events coming up.  If you’re local to any of these events, do come and say Hi, I’d love to see you.  I’ll have a great selection of Mind-Body-Soul books and oracle decks available for you.

  • 8 July Psychic Intuitive Reading at The Witches Charm in Warners Bay, NSW
  • 21 July Crystals for the Heart Chakra Workshop, Warners Bay, NSW
  • 25 July – 1 Aug – Jo Avalon’s Readings Tour through Merriwa-Naromine- Cobar-Bourke-Walgett-Gilgandra, NSW
  • 11 Aug – Fair of Curiosities, Mystics, and Creatives in Gunnedah, NSW
  • 23-24 Aug Miracles Psychic Fair in Mt Gambier, SA
  • 8 Sept – Your Soul Expo in Lake Macquarie, NSW

Now, here is your Oracle Post – enjoy!

Let’s get into today’s Oracle Inspiration for you!  Take a minute to settle, centre, and take a cleansing breath – ask, β€˜which card holds an inspiring message for me?’ – and choose your card from today’s Oracle offering, either Left, Middle, Right, or All Three.  As always, the reveal is further down this post – enjoy!

Sat 6 July is a New Moon in Cancer β™‹.   New Moon indicates new beginnings, or next steps towards your dreams.  You could focus on home, family and related activities now.  What do you really want to bring into your life?  What are you consistently dreaming about?  How could you adjust something at home to make room for your dream?

Now, are you ready for your messages?……Today’s cards are from The Naked Heart Tarot (Jillian C Wilde).

Now, before you ask…. I did shuffle and then I re-checked the rest of the deck πŸ˜‚.

Left Card:

Seven of Pentacles – Slow down, get grounded, lean into patience, assess where you are headed and what is needed.  Visualise the unfolding of your desires.  Trust in the big picture, consciously choose the options that best serve your goals.  Wisely choose how to spend your energy.  Persistence is the key to longevity.  Tree Familiar Whispers:  “Staying grounded in the present creates additional strength in the future.”

Middle Card:

Six of Pentacles – Safely rely on yourself to direct the flow of abundance.  Freely give when you can, freely receive when you need it.  Nurture your ideas around giving and receiving, knowing you are right where you are meant to be.  Freely giving and receiving allows a flow of abundance beyond what you can perceive.  Fish Familiar Whispers:  “Beauty exists beyond what you can see.  You have the power to command the flow of abundance.  Drop into the flow.”

Right Card:

Five of Pentacles – You know how your happiness is in alignment with what is important to you.  Your self-worth is not attached to the world around you, which is important to remember when you feel that things are going to pot.  Get honest with yourself about where your sense of safety is derived from, and work to rebuild a strong sense of trust within yourself.  This will help the pain to pass and bring you back into alignment with what serves your highest best.  Diamond and Pearls Familiar Whispers:  “Even if you feel broken you are still worth everything.”

All three cards:

These three cards show that taking the time to get grounded and to take stock of where you are headed and what’s needed.  Disentangle your self-worth from the world around you, so that you can align your actions with your goals.  As you prosper, freely share with others, and as you need it, freely receive assistance as well.  Consciously choose your actions and spend your energy wisely in service to your purpose.

I hope you find these messages inspirational for you today, I do enjoy preparing them for you – feel free to comment on this post on my website – perhaps you can share what is happening for you this week – I read every comment and I love to hear from you.Β Β  Thank you for inviting me into your inbox each week – I look forward to seeing you in some way in 2024 πŸ’™.

Jo Avalon (6 Jul 2024)

Awabakal Country

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