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Don’t Mess With The Goddess – Tracey Jewel


Don’t Mess With The Goddess
Author:  Tracey Jewel
Description:  128-page book
ISBN: 978-0-9945-2482-9
Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing, Jun 2016

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The New Rules of Consciousness for the Millennial Woman

Don’t Mess With The Goddess is the empowering guide to forging success, establishing independence and finding balance for a truly satisfying life through modern day spirituality. This book is a lifestyle guide for all millennial women taking a fresh holistic approach in applying certain thinking patterns and behaviours that will drastically enhance the quality of your life.  Don’t Mess With The Goddess is the long awaited follow up book to Goddess Within. Tracey Jewel shines a light on her empowering path from goddess to domestic violence victim, to party girl and back again and the inspirations soul lessons she learnt along the way. Tracey shares her personal journey of how she transformed her life, offering her stories as a guidebook for discovering, embracing and inspiring a life you’ll love to live.

Don’t Mess With The Goddess explains how:

  • To make karma your friend
  • Why what you do is who you are
  • What to do when you doubt everything
  • To get on the fast track to what you want

This book is a series of reflections from Tracey Jewel’s very successful weekly blog with over 65,000 followers, her webinars and speaking engagements.

Tracey Jewel is an author, professional speaker and awarded businesswoman. She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and is a regular presenter for Mind Body Spirit. Tracey has, without doubt, forged her position as a role model for all women. A regular writer for a number of magazines and blogs, and author of the highly successful book ‘The Goddess Within’, Tracey’s writing style is bold, profound and engaging, and intended to inspire others to action. Whether in a headline, an email or a book, her style is unique, enlightening and praised worldwide. Tracey will be remembered for her dedication to socially responsible organisations that benefit the community and that make a positive difference to the lives of women.

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