Seven Sacred Sites – Serene Conneeley

Seven Sacred Sites – Serene Conneeley


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Author:  Serene Conneeley 
Description:  409 page book
ISBN:  978-0-9805-4870-9
Publisher:  Blessed Bee Books, 2008
Take a journey to the most sacred places on earth, and awaken the magic of your own heart.

Since ancient times, sacred sites have had a powerful effect on people.  Their vibrational essence, beauty, and history, along with the leylines and the power infused in each one by centuries of pilgrims steeping it with love and ritual, can heal you physically, activate you spiritually, and open your soul to its divine purpose.

Feel your spirit soar in Machu Picchu and the jungles of South America, go beyond the mists in Glastonbury, the enchanted isle of Avalon, and witness the masculine and feminine face of the divine in Ancient Egypt’s mystical pyramids and temples.  Walk the pilgrimage path of the Camino in northern Spain, experience the pure joy of the dolphins, rainbows, and goddess of Hawaii, absorb the power and wisdom of Stonehenge, Britain’s mysterious Neolithic circle, and find a sense of place at Uluru, the spiritual heart of Australia.

Discover what makes these places sacred, their cultural and magical significance, the lessons of the indigenous wisdom keepers and the rituals that have been performed at each one since ancient times, their history, when to go and how to get there, and the way they inspire, touch and initiate spiritual growth in all those who visit.  Just as importantly, find out how to attain the state of grace and sacredness imparted by each place without leaving home.

Including postcards from Shirley MacLaine, Doreen Virtue, Cassandra Eason, and Lucy Cavendish, this book is part spiritual adventure, part history, part travel guide.  It will send you on a journey to the most beautiful sites on the planet as well as the deepest, most sacred places within yourself, and open you up to the magic of the universe, within and without.

Serene Conneeley is the Australian author of The Into the Mists Trilogy and The Into the Storm Trilogy, plus The Swan Maiden, Faery Magic, Mermaid Magic, Witchy Magic, Seven Sacred Sites, and A Magical Journey meditation CDs.  Serene is a healer with a passion for travel, adventure, natural healing and the magic of the earth.

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